Saturday, January 14, 2006

Building an Army: Day 10

Well, in the last week things have changed a bit. I completed a predator, completed a tactical squad(painted very crappily indeed) and have started on a deathwing terminator squad. Another tactical squad is readying for painting also.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Building an Army: Day 2

Today I worked more on the assault troops, giving them a second 'sloppy' coat of a lightened dark angel's green. I did a bit of work on the eyes of the marines and threw a paintkit marine and a terminator into a container of metho to test the method I had found somewhere (don't ask where :p ). They seemed to be clearing up pretty well, considering I had been told it would take an extremely long time for them to clean up. Tomorrow they should be pretty much finished. Yay for me :)
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Building an Army: Day 1

After watching my Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine models sit and gather dust for almost a year, I decided to do something about it. What started out as a simple few questions asking Raichase how much had changed in 40k since I last played, it turned into making a hypothetical army list, then getting a few of my unpainted assault marines out, then it went to starting painting them in the Dark Angels colours.
Currently I'm hoping to have a small army with a Reclusiarch, 2 Space Marine squads and an Assault Marine squad by next week, If I can get my excited little hands on some Pine-Sol to reverse the shitty painting my earlier army underwent. Right now I've only got 4 assault marines (the remaining one needs an arm repaired) and a vanilla marine painted. So, in short, yay me :)

In Other News, Aegir is starting a Tau army (which he also decided to start today). He'll be picking up some models, and I hope he'll be giving us a day by day description of his army's painting ;)

I Like Pizza

So How as everyone been? I've finally brought together enough time to make a new post. Go Me!
Well, in the last few months I've gotten not one, but TWO new bass guitar! I picked up one of those nice looking SX P-Basses. I also picked up a real old school bass off of molly's uncle. I'm planning to replace the pickups, then It'll be cool.
Also, this blog seems to have been added to Planet Tycoon, go me!

Sunday, October 30, 2005


At the moment I'm sitting, sifting through the pile of junk sitting all over my desk. There's alot of CDs here, and alot of rubbish. *shrugs* I've got 3 new cds now, yay. They are:
The Living End - The Living End
The Living End - Roll On
The Living End - Modern Artillery
The Ausset is still pushing strong, even though no coding work has been done to it since my last post, due to some problems I'm having. However, something annoying about GRF maker is this IB column which I have no idea about it. When any graphic in the block has a reading of 127, it crashes TTD on start up, and I'm not sure why. It's preventing two graphics from being included in the ausset, they are the 49 Class and coalroads' sexy 4 wheelers. I guess next time I see szappy I'll have to bitch to him about it, hey?
In other news, I started a narrative, it can be found here.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Time Flies when you're coding.

Well, been a few weeks since the last update. And alot has changed indeed. The ausset has passed its one year anniversary, and a new grf has been released. Then coalroads had to dump yet more sprites on me, so I'll be back to coding this week. Yay. fun fun fun :)
Windows Version
DOS Version

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ausset Pushes along

Well, the ausset continues edging towards completion. Still a long way to go, but I could see it happening within the next year. I'm not sure when a release will be available but I'm trying to make it as soon as possible.
In other news, I forgot how to do an articulated callback :/

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Another photo of me

That's right folks, cringe in fear. it's ME!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Album Review: The Living End - Roll On

After quite a while of listen to foreign punk rock bands, such as yellowcard, Green Day and Good Charlotte, I have decided to check out some Australian punk, in the form of The Living End - Roll On. I know I'm no critic, I'm just posting a comment or two for every song in the album.
1. Roll On
Good Start of the album, nice paced song. Good lyrics.
2. Picture in the Mirror
Great, catchy song. Good verses
3. Riot on Broadway
What can I say, good song. Great riffs.
4. Staring At The Light
An OK Song. This album is on a roll.
5. Carry Me Home
Fade in from previous song, yay! \o/ Nice, fast riffs. Obviously to do with alcohol.
6. Don't Shut The Gate
Kind of Strange Song...
7. Dirty Man
Good chorus.
8. Blood on Your Hands
Double Bass as a major part of a band. Interesting idea, and it pays off for The Living End.
9. Revolution Regained
Nice Intro, Nice riffs.
10. Silent Victory
Worst song in the album, but still pretty good.
11. Read About It
More nice double bass work. Another OK song.
12. Killing The Right
Good rhythm to it.
13. Astoria Paranoia
Nice drumwork.
14. Uncle Harry
"Uncle Harry pissin' in the bath whoa pissin' in the bath" Great end to a great album. Good song!
All Up, this was a top album. I'd recommend it to any who likes and kind of punk whatsoever. Even if you don't like punk, still check it out!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pointless Engagement

How's it goin' Mr. President
What's your reason for Iraq this week
Is it to protect human rights
Or do you just want all the fuckin' oil

It's a pointless engagement
Your just killin' your army
It's a deadly equation
Terrorist + America is Death
With an M16 and a combat knife
Your cleansing the globe
The Victims are the Innocents
The Victims are the familys of your troops

It's turning into Vietnam
No progress made but many lifes lost
I beg you, end it now
While it is still possible to

Your troops they're battered and bloody
And they are loosing all their mates
They did it for the country
Now they're just carrying out your grudge

Fight Plaque! NOT IRAQ!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Here are various emails I recieved from the n00b called d00mh4mm3r today, along with the replies to them. COMPLETELY UNEDITED

Email: so whats the reason for banning me for 3 weeks (being ruder then every1)
then adding another 2 weeks (Because I questioned how is having a laugh with some-one, and calling another a tool and laughing, is ruder then saying the f*** word, and calling sum-one a male genitalia)
ive been told that now its because im chilish... but some-how i dont belive there is any real reason now, im still a child im not 21; and acting chilish at times is what keeps the body healthy, makes it feel young.
so its been 5 weeks 3 days now that ive been banned, and ive only counted 5 weeks of reasons to ban me (not that i dont agree with them; but i dont want to get banned again for showing why i was wrongfully banned)

Reply: Use correct grammar!

Email: last i looked, this was the internet, not school, or work..... wait...
Last I looked, this was the Internet, not school or work!
So why is a forum about a game, so up-tight about grammer and spelling?
All other game forums dont care about spelling and grammer that much, so long as its readable.

Reply: Cause we don't speak the AOL language here!

Email: no shit dumbass, its english. AOL isnt a language at all.
you are stuffed man, internet = non perfectness.

Reply: Here's a little group response from #tycoon:

Don't worry, you won't loose any braincells reading this response..oh no wait you have none to begin with!

From Aegir: Hey craphammer! TOLD YOU SO fUCKER!

>you are stuffed man, internet = non perfectness.
internet is non pefect? neither was, apparently, the condom your father used

Email: Im guessing in that little bumchum group, it had just 5 ppl in it.
ohh, no braincells, hmm.. havent herd that one, no wait, yes, a bunch of 5 yr old's where picking on some chubby kid and used it.
To Aegir: At least I know how to fuck, your mum enjoied the 5 hours when you were at school.
The condom your father used... please, come up with originality.
You guys need to get out more, if you think that forums should have UNI grade spelling and grammer... what happens to the people that dont speak english at all?, as well as the people who have a defect in there brain?....
So main reason for booting me, was because 5 of you dont like me for being me.... and im being told im wrong and rude....

Reply: Hmm. Yes. Interesting defense. Firstly: do you really have to strain your minisclue brain that much that you have to conciously think to put grammar in. You're in like... UNI... and I'm in Yr 8 and I can still whip you in grammar without trying. ZING!

From Aegir: Six hours fucker, I didnt cut the last hour of english like you, illiterate fuck. Plus, if you were porking my mother, really, I mean, damn, thats not good to brag about...
So they war continues!

He also sent me this PM on railpage:
Exclamation Im only a young dude, well they may sound stupid, the only stupid comments i can think of are ones, where i basicly tell the mod creater that they are making a good mod.
My grammer is ridiculous.... so is yours dude, mines only like this, because its not an eassy for bloody UNI.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Starting afresh

Just started recoding the ausset from scratch, joy. Then I've also made a commitment to help look for a game engine for Transport Empire. I just keep putting more on my plate, don't I...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Life is not worth living

My life is pretty bad. Still haven't had one thing go right at all. It's absolute crap.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Life Suxxors

Hello, readers.
I jut wanted to make a post about how much school suxxors. Well, I'm at school right now and things aren't going great. My GF and I have broken up, and sucks cause I really like her. I'm not even sure what the problem is. Maybe if I talk to her I can rectify things. I just really don't wan to lose her.
Thanks for listening to my rantings
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Monday, July 25, 2005

Fantastic Four

Don't you hate it when you go to the movies, and the movie is complete skithouse? that happened to me, jsut a half an hour ago. I made the tragic mistake of seeing the Fantastic Four. heck, even the cinema floor was more fantatsic then this movie. Should have called it 'Fantastic Floor'. cause i know my group spent alot of time looking at the floor.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

My Grand Plan for the month

OK. I think I've made up my mind about the things I want to be doing this month.
* WhiteHand thinks for a bit
Yes. OK:
  1. Atleast try and get a bit of the ausset coded. Haven't touched it in months.
  2. Keep the blog going
  3. Flame d00mh4mm3r some more
That would be a pretty good month, don't you think?
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Stupidest statesmen of the year

It's back to the weekend. AKA 'The Bored Days'. Just been searching around and I found a real good one. In the world stupidity awards, Gee Dubya took out and award.
'President George W. Bush may not have led the dumbest government, but he was honoured with the award for the Stupidest Statement of the Year after telling a news conference: "They never stop thinking of ways of harming America, and neither do we."' Source: Canadian Press
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Friday, July 22, 2005

Arguing online is like the special olympics - even if you win, you're still retarded

Don't you hate it when you cop a bashing from IRC trolls, and when you fight back, you take the punishment for the whole ordeal. Well, you and I, are quite similar people.
There's a troll belongin to #tycoon who goes by the name of prencher. He's fairly good at C but this goes to his head and he thinks that he is the grand overlord of any channel he is in. Some excerpts are as follows:

Aegir - Learn C and work on that-which-shall-not-be-named.
Dalestan - Learn C++ and work on NFORenum.
Dalestan - Learn Perl and fix
Dalestan - Learn $LANGUAGE and write an automated offset generator.
WhiteHand - good idea
prencher - maturbates good too if you're not bored.
prencher - Aegir - aww, you blocked whitehand, neat
Aegir - prencher, No, I didnt.
prencher - <+Aegir> Also blocked some annoying twats <- liar
Aegir - I should block you though you fucking troll

In conclusion, I would have to say that prencher is a little troll. All in favour, comment 'aye'. All against, comment 'nay'
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Match Review 1 - SW JK2

Star Wars JK 2 Game
WhiteHand VS Aegir
Who will win?
The Game started off in a fairly tight manner. Ofcourse I had to quit then reconfigure my joystick, in true WhiteHand style. The pic below shows the action typical of the beginning of the game.

The action going on this pic shows Aegir dying from lightning blasted from my devilishly sith hands. The score at this point of the match stands at 4-3, Aegir in the lead. I was pretty much a Force Lightning whore this game, which Aegir countered pretty well with the 'absorb' ability, which prevents the force lightning from doing and damage whatsoever. And that sucked, watching Aegir simply absorbing the power of the dark side of the force. Now, enough bitching about Aegir beating force lightning, and on to the rest of the game.
As it stood, it was pretty close, and I thought I might have a chance. But as I soon found out, Aegir was alot better then I thought! For a while the match stayed fairly close, with both players trying to strike out at any moment they could, and a few kills were scored for both players. Then I started making a few mistakes. This = me getting pawned for the next part of the game. Unfortunate, but It had to be done. Then, the scores seemed to stop for a while at 8-5, Aegir in the lead. We seemed to run around fighting each other, swinging lightsabers, etc. with no deaths dealt. In the pic to the right you can see this, along with the bodies of our former selves lying on the top level of the arena. This continued for a while. Then I just started getting owned again. and again. You couldn't count how much ownage I got. Aegir's dirty tricks were easily paying off and I couldn't land a kill for quite some time, while Aegir was killing me effing much I was feeling sympathy pains for my onscreen character. If I choked Aegir, he would force push me, if I used lightning on him, he would use absorb. Oh, this game wasn't feeling good.
After getting owned several more times, I decided to experiment with some different tactics. I tried standing still as Aegir came towards me, then slicing at him. This worked once. Then I tried to use the slowest Lightsaber style, hoping that it would land a hit. He darted behind and gave me a crushing blow.

By the end of the game, the score was about 30-8, Aegir's way. Maybe next time, WhiteHand
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More pics from our game:

Hello World

Well, guess what? I planned to do something and followed my plan! I feel very glad!
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